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  Krackerjack:  Tommy Shannon, Bruce Bowland, Uncle John Turner, Mike Kindred, John Stahaley

Krackerjack at the Pier, Austin TX
July 2004


Hi, everyone,

July finds me back from a successful tour of Germany, Denmark and Sweden. In Stockholm, I saw many of my great friends and sat in with Arlo West. I brought Erin Jaimes to play bass and sing with me, Jan Gerfast and Anna, the "Magic Mama."

I finished the recording in Port Arthur released as "I-20 Hurricane Blues" with songs by Paul Orta, Roger Ward, Floyd Moore and Jack Edery. You can get an advance copy from http://www.great-recordings.com .

I visited with Johnny Winter at his show here in Austin.  He was playing and singing great. I t was nice to see him in such fine condition.  They insisted that I sit in but they sounded so good that I declined.

I'm taking it easy in this summer heat.  I'm was at the 311 Club on 6th Street the last week in June and I'll be at Auny Tilly's Club in July with Erin Jaimes.  I'm planning a CD release date for "I-10 Hurricane Blues" and in the meantime you can get one at the aforementioned mentioned website (Great-Recordings)




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